A Guide To Paid Visitors Traffic: How to promote a ClickBank product ?

Visitors traffic

Any traffic that you pay for, is called paid traffic. It’s different from organic traffic that comes from search engines and that is more natural. Paid traffic can take many shapes, but the most known are: Social Media Advertisement (SMA), Pay per Click (PPC) like Google AdWords or Bing Ads, Pay Per View(PPV), Banner Ads, Sponsored content.
In this post we’ll see how to sell a product with ClickBank and Buy website traffic.

Where Visitors Traffic are coming from
Pop under traffic
Expired domain traffic
Interstitial traffic
Overlay Ads
Types of Visitors
Untargeted visitors
Targeted Traffic
Alexa traffic
Adult traffic
Casino traffic
Main uses for paid visitor traffic
Is Visitor traffic is good for AdSense website ?
Points to pay attention when you buy traffic
How to Track your website traffic
How to convert Alexa Traffic Rank into Unique Visitors
How to promote a ClickBank product
What is Affiliate marketing ?
Popular Affiliate Programs
How To make Money with ClickBank
How to pick a good product to promote
What Affiliate Products to Avoid
Best traffic sources for Clickbank

The reasons why people buy visitor traffic are many: making sales, leads, signs ups, getting clicks, improve Alexa ranking and more. I want to talk about a slight different form of paid traffic, visitors traffic. What it is, what to do with it and how to use it correctly.

Where Visitors Traffic are coming from

Visitors traffic can be viewed as a sub category of the above advertising platforms. As in all forms of paid traffic, you pay to get the visitors to your website. Here are some common ways how Visitors traffic arrives to your website.

Pop under traffic
This is actually a new pop window with ad that appears under the current browser window of the user.The intention of pop under window is to minimize the user interrupt. When the user find out about the window, he may click on it and it will take him to the advertiser landing page. It is believe, that pop under traffic is more efficient than pop up traffic, because it less disruptive to the user.

1. User surfing on a webpage with engagement area
engagement area
2. User tap on the page engagement area
User tap on the page
3. A pop under window with advertisement appear under the original window
pop under advertisement

(Pictures source admedia)

Expired domain traffic
Many Expired domains can still generate traffic from people looking for specific service or product.
In this technique, the traffic seller buy expired domains with traffic potential in different niches and redirects the traffic from the expired domain to another domain. For example, suppose I have a sport shop and want to buy visitors for it. A seller that holds expired sport domain can redirect people who arrived to the expired domain directly to my sport website. Off course, the domain traffic has to be relevant to get a conversation.
You can’t expect visitors from internet computer niche expired domain, to be well converted when redirected to a website selling Real Estate.

Interstitial traffic
Interstitial ads are full screen targeted ads placed while you wait for your page to load.
Usually, the user has the option to either click on the ad and continue to its destination, or close it and continue to the homepage. The advertisement was viewed in the waiting time and grabbed all the user attention so, the chances for a successful conversion increases.

Here is example of application with interstitial is shown.
application with interstitial

The interstitial appears over the top of the application screen, the user has option to close the ad (using the “X” in the upper-left corner) or tap anywhere else to be taken to the ad’s destination URL.

Overlay Ads
These ads can appear on static images when the user is hovering on the image or can be text on Video overlay ads like on top of a YouTube video. When used on static images, the operator will display ads related to the image and will remove it when the focus moves. Video overlay ads, usually has a close button and capture small part of the video. They can be semi transparent to be less disruptive. (Picture source udemy)

video overlay

Types of visitors

There can be different types of visitors, it all depends on the operator network and how it works.
One common question is- should I buy paid traffic ?
I will explain some common types and what qualities they have while trying to answer this question.

Untargeted visitors (Untargeted Traffic)
Also called bulk traffic, this include visitors without any special specification. Bulk traffic may come from unreliable sources like- cheap proxies and is easy to fake. Another fake traffic is what is called Bots,automated software program that simulate visitors. Of course, no real visitors will arrive to your page, but it can be tricky to watch.
Signs for fake traffic using Google Analytics are: extremely low Average Session Duration (how long someone stays on your page) and Pages per session, extremely high Bounce Rate and new Sessions. Unless you have very good reason, avoid these kind of traffic. that is why unique IP visitors are good sign for quality traffic and hard to fake.

• Easy to generate
• Can get many visitors quickly
• Cheap traffic

• Much less effective than targeted
• Low conversation rates
• Can be poor quality or fake

Targeted Traffic (Targeted visitors)
These visitors are categorized by one or more parameters. Common parameters are:
Geo targeted- According to the visitor location.
Niche- According to some Niche or industry.
Ip- unique ip address.

The location can be easily extracted from the user IP address. The niche can be detected from the content the user is looking at and the context. Let’s say the user surfs in webpage related to music, the operator can lunch pop under window to suggest the user a similar website about music. This is very simplified explanation to get the idea of how visitors arrive to your website.

• Visitors are categorized (location, niche, ip, etc…)
• Higher conversations rates
• Reliable traffic if has unique IP

• The more categorized , it is harder to generate traffic
• Cost more (compare to Untargeted)

Make sure you’re getting only unique targeted visitors.
This means, unique visitors with unique ip adreess that don’t visit your webpage more than once (per campaign).
That way you know you buy real traffic, still- this is not promising that is targeted traffic that converts.

Alexa traffic
You get visitors coming only from users that has Alexa Toolbar (panel) installed. The traffic will help to increase a website overall Alexa ranking. Read the comprehensive guide to Alexa traffic.

• Excellent traffic to improve Alexa ranking for a website

• Harder to produce for large volumes
• Cost more (compare to targeted)
• Usually, targeted by location and ip only (not niche)

Adult traffic
Mature or adult content related traffic. Good for websites with sexual and erotic content.

• Visitors are categorized by adult niches
• Higher conversations rates

• Specific niche, not good for all websites
• Cost more (compare to Untargeted)

Casino traffic
This is traffic intent for gambling and casino sites.

• Highly targeted visitors
• Higher conversations rates

• Very specific niche, not good for all websites
• Cost more (compare to Untargeted)

Main uses for paid visitor traffic

Visitor traffic can be very good for these purposes: AdSense websites, click bank, hits and impressions.
On the other hand, the traffic will not work well with guarantee sign up and is not sure to make sells.
Many times people do not understand this before they buy and have high expectations. By choosing the right traffic and selecting close-targeted niche, the conversion rates can be higher. In order for a visitors traffic to convert, make sure your website is properly designed and develop other seo channels (like keywords research and website audit).

Google AdSense website

What is Google AdSense ?

Google AdSense is an advertising service by Google based on per-click or per-impression basis. It will display advertisements on your website pages and you can earn money if visitors click on or view the ad. You need to create a free AdSense account and become verified website publisher in order to join Google AdSense program. Than you’ll be able to display ads based on the AdSense program selected.

Is Visitor traffic is good for AdSense website ?
Let’s say you have AdSense page and the pay method is PPC with 0.25$ per click. Your plan is to buy 5,000 visitors with conversation rate of 2.5% (125 visitors) and to earn 30$(gross). It all sounds reasonable till now.
But, Google is smart company, and when it comes to paying you- even smarter.
Thinks that can make your traffic suspicious:
1) Visitors does not have unique IP address. many are repeating visitors.
2) Extreme Click frequency. If on one day you get 100 clicks and on the next days only 5 ,this is a warn sign for google.
3) Many visitors that are coming from the same geographical region.
4) Many Visitors that came at the same day and or time.
5) Repeating pattern, like: same number of Visitors each day.

Visitors behaviour is something you can’t except, even if you test and simulate it pre ahead.
If you buy 160 visitors per day and run for 30 days, the conversation rate may change.
It can be good if it changes ,but can also become a problem.
What if many visitors decide to click on specific day of your campaign, while no clicks on others days?

Lets try to see how we can answer these issues:
So, points (1) and (3) are solved easily by our system- You get fresh visitors from different ip’s and can change locations.
(4) and (5) can also resolved by the service while (2) can’t be control.
But, if using enough traffic, the statistics should come into play and you will get a average amount of visitors over time.
There is another point for the service operator, changing the traffic volume and times is not economical for small volumes.
That is why we are not saying our targeted traffic is 100% Google AdSense traffic.
Other issues hard to maintain are page views and session time on page.
It’s complex and expensive to generate ad sense traffic.

Now, what about our competitors ?
As far as we checked ,there is no single traffic service that is 100% safe or that can guarantee google won’t detect that you’re running an ad campaign. If someone telling you otherwise, they are lying or tricking you.

Points to pay attention when you buy traffic

• Select traffic that is closest to you niche (we have more than 330 niches)
• Select traffic from the proper location. Most people select USA or UK because of the large buying power they possess.
However, for many businesses, getting buyers from the same country is better.
• Check the price for number of visitors. Too cheap price will get you low quality or fake traffic. Too high price means greedy seller.
Reasonable price is 0.1-0.2 cent per visitor.
• Buy targeted traffic. It has the best chance to generate leads.
• Buy unique targeted visitors. so that you won’t get the same visitor twice (website unique visitors), this has to be IP unique visitor per campaign.
• Spread your traffic over time. Our experience shows better result when traffic is spread over few days than over one day.
• Never use bulk traffic, unless you are sure what you do. best advice is to avoid this.
• Have your page ready for visitors. Look at these tips for how to keep your visitors from leaving in 10 seconds.

How to Track your website traffic

You can use google analytics to track your web visitor. Click on: Acquisition–>All Traffic–>Channels

google analytics channel

The main Channel Grouping are as follow:

Direct Traffic
This is the amount of visitors who reached your website by directly entering in your website name into the web address bar of their browser.

Visitors from referring sites got to your site by clicking on a link from a referring site to go to your website.

Organic Search
Visitors that reached your website via search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Visitors that came from social networks.

Visitors traffic usually appears as Referral. But, there is easy way to track visitors on website and to make sure you’re getting your all the visitors you bought. You can create a shortened URL with goo.gl. goo.gl is a public shorten URL that used for getting compact and short url and tracking. With it you can see how many people have clicked on your url, countries, browsers, and platforms. The only thing to make sure, is that you supply the shorten URL and not your URL to the traffic provider when you make order.

goo.gl shorten URL
In neto traffic we provide a login to a stats system for each customer where he can track his website visitor and see each visitor IP address.

How to convert Alexa Traffic Rank into Unique Visitors

While I said, there is no formula for such conversation, one site does suggest such graph.
All information was gathered from real data of Alexa Rank and was interpolated into average daily visitors.
The best approximation is found where the line cross in the middle of the points.
When you know Alexa rank of a site , you just search it along the line and can get rough estimation about the unique daily visitors it has.
For example, 100,000 rank is around 1100 visitors per day.

How to Turn Alexa Traffic Rank into Unique Visitors
Now, I don’t really like this kind of data and I don’t think it’s very accurate, but some may find it useful.
Another way to find leading sites is going to Alexa website and to browse by category.
Find the one category that interest you most, dig into the sub categories and click on a few to see their alexa rank.

browse by category alexa

You can use the conversation from rank to visitors as above or look for sites with alexa that is under 100k.
Some are using this method for finding guest blogs options or good sites to leave comments on.

How to promote a ClickBank product

What is Affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate is when you sell other people product and earn a commission for that.
Let’s say Alex has a product he want to sell, a new watch. Jack, can promote the sales for Alex’s new watch and earn a commission for every sale he made. Jack don’t need to have the product, he even don’t need a website to promote the product! All he need is making a contract with Alex thru some Affiliate program, and sent traffic to the product page. Alex is willing to pay 60% commission for each watch that Jack sell. Jack will drive traffic to the product page with his tracking code and if a sale came from Jack’s visitor, he will earn a commission.
This is the basic idea of Affiliate marketing.

Advantages of been Affiliates
• No need to physically have the product
• No need to invest money and time in the product development
• Easy to start and free to join
• Another income channel where you can control time and investment
• Easy to change products and promote more than one

Disadvantage of been Affiliates
• No control over the final product
• Can’t change the merchant terms of sell
• Commission can be low or change after few sales
• Risk of link hijackers. hijack affiliate links can steal your commissions
• Product can become obsolete at any time

Popular Affiliate Programs

Two of the most popular Affiliate Programs are Amazon and ClickBank.
Amazon is one of the world’s biggest marketplace. With Amazon affiliate program, you’ll get pay up to 15% of sale amount.
ClickBank is Online marketplace for Affiliate products. It connects between merchants and content creators to sellers (Affiliate marketers) that promote these products. The commission is ranging from 1% to 75% and set by the merchant.
On every sale of a product ClickBank deducts a fee of 7.5% + $1. You need to make minimum of 5 sales before ClickBank pays you.

How To make Money with ClickBank

The basic steps to start selling a ClickBank products are:
(1) Selecting a product you want to promote.
(2) Get your affiliate link.
(3) Build a landing page.
(4) Drive traffic to your landing page.
(5) Transfer Visitors to the affiliate link.

You can start promoting a ClickBank product with and without a website. Here, we’re only talking about promoting with a website.
Start by creating a landing page also called squeeze page.
The squeeze page is where you attend to drive traffic to and where your visitors should arrive.
Your visitors should land on the squeeze page and only than move to the affiliate page.
Going this way, you attract more visitors while offering something free before going next.
On the squeeze page you’ll put a lead magnet that is relevant to the product you want to promote.

lead magnet  is some part of offer with call to action (CTA).
The offer is about your product or something you’re giving away ,it includes some action you want visitor to take.
The offer is about your product or something you’re giving away ,it includes some action you want visitor to take.
The action can be: sign up form, download something, a weekly newsletter, free report, e-book, etc.
The lead magnet should be closely related to the offer you are promoting.
You use lead magnet to magnetize visitors and trying to make them take your call to action.

Below is one example for lead magnet.
It asks for an e-mail address to get some exclusive report.
After entering an e-mail and clicking on the button, the user will be redirected to the affiliate page

lead magnet with email

For Clickbank product you want to put a button on the lead magnet that navigates to the affiliate link page.
The link has HopLink which is referral tracking URL information about who was responsible for the visit (you, the affiliate).
After the visitor buy the product you’ll earn a commission according the HopLink information.
This also open a door to what is called- commission hijacking.
It is when some one else used your hoplink to get your commission.

Commission Hijacking is a main reason to use HopLink cloaking to hide your HopLink behind another link.
The cloaked link redirects to the original HopLink while still providing commission to the affiliate for any sales made.
There are few ways to cloak your ClickBank HopLink: Self-Hosted Scripts, Online Cloaking Services and WordPress Plugins.
Pretty Link is one WordPress plugin that allows users to create clean and simple URLs using their own website domain that redirects to any other URL.

How to pick a good product to promote

You want to promote a product that has a good sales potential and with best chances to convert well.
Here are Few Tips and guides how to select a click bank product that can sell.

(1) Sort products by gravity
Gravity is a ClickBank measure for product sales in the in last 12 weeks. The Gravity has to be positive. High Gravity means the product sales.
To Find ClickBank Products that Sell, use Cbengine. Go to: Browse–> Category–>Averages and sort by gravity.
CBengine gravity

What is good Gravity?
The higher the gravity the more this product sells, but also the competition can is stronger.
This also says that many people like you are pushing the product because it’s popular and sells well.
I prefer to take products with positive gravity between 20-100.
This is something in the middle and you be able to promote the product more easily.
You can also pick any gravity above zero and still do well.

Another way is too look ad the middle range of the products and take something between.
If the category is strong and gets to gravity of 300 and most lay between 100-250 I’ll pick it in the middle.

So, don’t pick products with zero gravity and don’t pick ones that are too crowded.

(2) Use Filters to refine your search
in the below ,I used the gravity and Initial $/sale filters to find products. Use your own according to what you want.

clickbank fiters

(3) Products with Avg $/sale a bit higher than Initial $/sale
That’s indicate the product is catching up sales and moving. Initial $/sale is the average amount that an affiliate earns for each product sale.
read on Searching the Marketplace for all parameters meaning.

(4) Look for products with recurring payments
if the product has the recurring icon and Avg %/rebill it’s recurring. This mean more money you can get on each payment.

(5) Check if the vendor provided affiliates page
when you decide on a product, go the vendor page and look for affiliate materials. It can be Ads,stories, pictures and other helpful things to promote your product. good vendors put this staff in their page. Many times this material is based on experience and split tests and is best optimized for your product promoting.

(6) Don’t select products only because they pay high commission
High commission does not guarantee sales. check the other parameters as well. too high commission may warn for a non selling product.

What Affiliate Products to Avoid

(1) Forex Products
As tempting it may be to get high commission, forex products tend to have high refund rate.
This can waste your efforts, because even if you sell, people can still ask for refund and you will loss the commission.

(2) Products with pages that has advertisements
It can be that when the user is on the affiliate page it will get other offers and will not go to the product you want him to.
So, avoid pages that has many advertisements and external links to other pages.
A lot of distraction can lead to poor results.

(3) Products that don’t match your site
When you choose products, think carefully how they fit to your site content.
If not, it can confuse visitors and make them to leave your site.
Users that arrive to vitamins landing page don’t like to find out that the website is about cars.
This is something that lower your credibility to as a seller.
Be loyal to what you promote on your site or make special sub domain dedicated to what you want to sell.

Affiliate Marketing Calculators

Cbengine offers some nice tools for Affiliate marketers.
Some are free while for others you’ll need to upgrade your account.

Cbengine clickbank calculators
Two of the most useful ones are-
ClickBank Affiliate Hoplink Generator
This tool can generate a ClickBank affiliate hoplink for any ClickBank product from ClickBank affiliate ID and the Vendor ID.
ClickBank Sales Link Generator
This tool can generate your product sales link for your web site.

Best traffic sources for Clickbank

Best traffic options for Affiliates marketing are:
PPC (pay per click) using bing Ads or Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or you can buy targeted traffic.
But please don’t tempt to buy cheap website traffic it won’t help you much.
The problems with PPC is high costs and many competitors that will force you to rise your bid and spend more money.
Facebook Ads are good, as long as you know how to set and run successful campaign, otherwise it can be a big waste.
Targeted traffic is a good and cheap solution if you pay attention to all of the guidelines i wrote.

Final Words

That’s it. I was trying to make some order about visitor’s traffic.
Make sure you only buy unique visitors , you can use our tracking stats to verify this and to see how many visitors website you got.
I hope this gives you better understanding and will make your campaign better. As always, comments are welcome.

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