Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find a list of answers to some frequently asked questions.

How do you drive traffic to my website?
Most of our visitors come from our advertising network and websites.
We generate our web traffic by displaying your chosen website to visitors surfing
our media network using different methods as native ads, Ads banner, social traffic, pop-under advertising and more.
Because we have many websites business partisanships
We are able to provide Millions of unique visitors per day at high quality and niche targeting.
What is Native Ads Traffic ?
Native Ads traffic is generated from embedded links inside posts and articles.
It doesn’t look different than any other link and is most related to the page content.
Therefore it’s very native and natural to the user.
Clicking on specific keywords leads to the advertiser’s website (your website).
We highly recommend using this traffic as your first choice.
What is Ad Banner ?
A banner is a type of Ad where you have : Title, body, icon and image.
It has a limited number of characters or size for each element and
used very effectively to attract users to a landing page website.
What is pop under ?
Pop under is an advertising ad window that contains your chosen website or landing page and appears behind (in back of) the main browser window.
In contrast to a pop-up ad, which appears over (on top of) the browser window, a pop-under is less obtrusive as it hides behind other windows and tends to leave a greater impression on the viewer.
What are the dimensions of your popunder windows?
When launching a window we check the visitor’s screen resolution in order to provide a fully expanded window in which to display the advertiser’s site.
This ensures that no part of your customer’s site is unviewable.
When will I start receiving my traffic?
Our process orders times are Monday to Friday from 8 AM till 4 PM with some on Saturday morning.
Usually you will start receiving traffic within few hours to a day after placing your order.
For some sort of website traffic we may supply it even faster.
If you don’t receive any email from us within the first 24 hours of ordering, please check your spam folder,
firewall definitions and then contact us.
How long will it take to complete my traffic campaign?
The time for a campaign is usually from a few days and up to 10 days.
It depends on the number of visitors you ordered and the niche.
We’re able to provide and complete almost any campaign within  1-3 days or less.
However, we don’t allow traffic campaigns under 10k visitors to run for more than 10 days.
Please note, we found out it is better to split traffic over a few days and not to get it all at once.
Is the traffic you provide real, How can I know and how can I track it ?
Our traffic comes only from real users, we don’t use bots,clicks or any other mechanics for our traffic.
You’ll get only 100% real human traffic.
We only count users that arrived and stayed on your webpage for at least 2 seconds.
After ordering you’ll get user and password to log on to your stats area and see your traffic campaign process.

Note: We use our own tracking system that is 100% reliable that matches to cutt.ly or bitly
However, if you want to track using 3’rd party tools we only allow using cutt.ly or bitly URL shortener.
We strongly recommend using Cutt.ly links because they provide more insight than bit.ly and allow all parties to check “public” stats.
Tinyurl, Ow.ly and other shorten URL services are not recommend for tracking.
cutt.ly is our default choice and we do that automatically when possible.

How to create a cutt.ly or bitly shortened link?
1.Visit cuttly URL shortener site at cutt.ly
2.To create a shorten link, type the long URL in the box and click SHORTEN
3.Copy the Shorten URL

To view stats add “-stats” at the end of the shorten URL.
Example: https://cutt.ly/GyWSCpM-stats

1.Visit Bitly URL shortener site at Bitly
2.To create a shorten link, type the long URL in the search box and click CREATE  
3.Copy the Shorten URL
Public stats are not available with Bitly.

Provide the Cutt.ly or Bitly shortened link as your Website when placing the order.

How can I spread traffic evenly over the day?
Some of our customers want their traffic to be delivered over a 24-hour period rather than in a certain period of time. When you make a campaign hourly, it will take the total daily needed, divide it by 24 and increase it by that amount each hour. So if you have a campaign that needs 10,000 per day, making it hourly will give you 417 visitors each hour ( 417×24=10008).
The make a campaign hourly feature is the default for any campaign.
Therefore you don’t need to ask for this, we’ll spread your traffic over the day unless you asked us not to.
Can my campaign run at specific hours?
Yes, this is possible. just mention this in the order notes. like: run between 8:00am:20:00pm.
However, we don’t recommend using this feature unless you have a good reason as it can delay the campaign.
What kind of visitors will i get?
You’ll get only high-quality visitors from us according to the preferences you made.
A visit will count for a real user that is sent to your website. this is not a hit or exposure to your website.
we’ll make sure that every visitor is unique and will arrive to your website.
What is geographic and niche targeting?
With geographic traffic, you can select visitors to come from specific countries that you choose.
Niche targeting means you receive visitors that are interested in this specific category or niche you choose.
Using these, you can increase your sales and exposure with a better focus to your business or website selecting the most suitable visitors.
What type of content do you restrict?
Normally We don’t accept websites that contain, pornography, sexual or erotic material, linking to software piracy,
pirating, hacking, spamming, excessive violence, obscene or vulgar language, abusive content, illegal content or any form of illegal activity or material.
But with Native Ads we’re able to support some light sexual or erotic material depending on the content.
Do you offer mobile traffic?
Yes, we do!
Mobile traffic is available from United States and many more countries.
All depends on the amount, but for under 10k it’s no issue for us.
This is very accurate traffic with low bounce rate and we recommend our customer to use it.
Is Your Traffic can be used with Ad sense sites?
Our traffic is real, but not Ad sense safe and will shortly explain why.
Generating Ad sense traffic is high cost and complex task, it has to account for several page views per session and long dwell times.
It’s hard task to accomplish and 99% of traffic providers can’t guarantee this.
Therefore we don’t recommend using pop-up windows traffic in Ad sense network (but it’s possible).
Will you refund me if I will not make any sale?
We only sent real visitors to your website as we promised, based on your geographic and target selections.
We can not guarantee any sale or other action to be taken on your website, this is totally up to you.
Therefore we don’t refund for any of those cases.
If for some reason we’ll not be able to send all the traffic to your website as in your order, you will get a refund for this portion.
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