Guarantee sign up service

Guarantee sign up

What is Guarantee sign up?

We’ll run a text Ad to collect leads for you until the required number of leads reached.
This service is 100% Guarantee sign up for your page.

The Sign Up Page

Your page should be with a minimal number of fields.
One or two fields are the optimal number like name and email.
More fields will make it harder to get leads and we’ll probably not accept your page.

How long it takes for a campaign to finish?

For 25-100 leads it can take 3-5 weeks (regular GSU) or 1-2 weeks (Rushed GSU)
For 100 leads or more we need an extra of 2 weeks.

Where do guaranteed signups come from?

We place text-based links and targeted banners around our network to attract users to signup. When a visitor clicks on the banner, we redirect him to the advertiser’s site (yours). If the visitor decides to fill the opt-in form and to sign up, we’ll capture this information on our server and use it as proof of delivery.

Guaranteed signups Types

Regular GSU – These are signups we collect where the user fills the details, it can take few weeks to fill the order.
Rushed GSU-  same as Regular GSU but much faster, usually half the time.
Confirmed GSU- same as Regular GSU but with two step verification to validate the email of the user.

Tracking your leads

You’ll be able to track the leads from your control panel as you do with other traffic campaigns.

Will I get conversions and sales?

We can’t guarantee any sales or other things besides the sign-up process.
You’ll need to use your own marketing and email system to convert people into buyers.

What are the requirements for GSU page

You must meet these two criteria to work with our GSU system:
1) It must be an offer for a work from home or Multi-level marketing (MLM) type of opportunity. We generate our GSU’s by efficiently targeting those who are interested in such an offer.
2) The actual sign-up must be free to join offer or free to receive more information offer.
If payment or sensitive data is required to sign up or receive more information, we cannot run the campaign.

Out of stock

Requirements for GSU page
Read above.

Time for Delivery
Regular GSU up to 25-35 days
Rushed GSU 7-14 days



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