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Your Privacy

We place a lot of value and importance on your privacy and our main concern is to offer you a stellar, personal and high quality experience that will bring you immediate access to all the necessary resources, services and information that might be relevant or bring in any help to you. We created the Privacy Policy specifically to showcase the conditions that you need to accept when using the site. Here you can understand how we get your data, how we collect it and then us it. This is why we urge you to read this Privacy Policy with care because by using our site, you will automatically agree to the it.

Sites Covered by this Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy you can find here automatically applies to all the sites, registers, information portals and domains that are maintained by operators.

Children’s Privacy

The operators are focused on protecting the entire privacy of all kids using our site, and this is why we recommend parents to focus on understanding or limiting the online access of all kids. While our operators do not want to collect information from minors and our target isn’t children, such information can be collected by mistake if the proper safety methods aren’t implemented by parents.

Non-Personal Information

This is information that doesn’t pertain to a specific identity, instead it consists only out of random service operation and usage. This information allows operators to understand how any visitors are using our site, in order to improve its usage.

Sharing Information

Our operators won’t lease, rent or sell any of the mail addresses or personal information for any purpose, be it marketing or otherwise, and at the same time we always make sure that we keep this information secure and far away from prying eyes.


The operators are working hard in order to protect the private info of any person using the site. We have firewalls as well as many other security measures that are designed in order to increase the security of our servers all so that there won’t be any leaks involved.
You do need to take into account though the fact that there isn’t any server online that’s completely secure, so it’s crucial to take complete attention when you are adding in confidential or personal information. This is used, many times, specifically with the member services as a means of collaboration, so this is why you need to understand that the mail, company affiliation, name and other info can be seen by the operator members and the public once you share it.
On top of that, the operators won’t be liable for any misuse of information, alteration or interception, instead you are the one responsible when it comes to maintaining your information a secret. We urge you to be very careful when you access the site and share personal info.

Opting Out

You might receive announcements, surveys or newsletters as well as many other pieces of info from the operators. If you don’t want to receive such a thing, you can choose to opt out from this service, and in order to do so you will need to follow the necessary directions that are included in either the announcements or newsletters.

Privacy policy changes

Our site is continually evolving, and thus the privacy statement is prone to change. The operators can make such changes to the privacy policy without further notice. By using the site and the materials in it, you will agree to the content of this privacy policy and you are responsible for checking the site in order to see if any changes occur.
For any questions regarding the content of this privacy policy, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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