Using Website Traffic To Get More Leads

get more leads

Every one that has a website wants to get more traffic.
But good and reliable traffic coming from search engines is not easy to get.
Traffic and converting visitors into leads are common issues that every online business needs to face, no matter if it’s new or veteran.
One question that is often asked -How can I increase my website traffic?
I’ll try to suggest a plan on how to do that.

This post contains unique information about what our customers did in the passing year.
It supplies excellent insights from the buyer’s experience on how to use web traffic.

step 1 Step-1: Optimize Your Landing Page

The first thing that visitors see when they come to your site is your landing page.
This page needs to be perfect for what you’re trying to achieve.
According to HubSpot, around half of your visitors will spend less than 15 seconds on Your Website.
Let’s see what can affect this dwell time:

1. Web page Speed

You should optimize the page speed to be less than 8 seconds.
Few tools to help with this are: pingdom.com, google pagespeed and gtmetrix.
It must be a light weighted page, if it has many photos, videos or content visitors will run out.
Keep it light to make them stay more.
Try to make your page mobile friendly and fast so that users can navigate and click smoothly.
It has been shown to double conversion rate and sales.
Web page Speed

If you want to learn How to Score a Perfect 100% on Google PageSpeed Insights, read in the best marketing blog  of neilpatel.

2. Pop-Ups, Videos, and Sound

These are the things that first-time visitors hate the most.
Do You want to activate a pop-up? You can, but not before the user has spent few seconds on the page.
Why play sound at all? Is my and your musical tastes are the same? Not likely.
So, why it should be different for your visitors?
If you want to add music, at least let the user decide whether he wants to play it or not.
I’m against autoplay sounds; they usually make the page look cheaper and has low conversion rates.

Videos can be a good thing, but also can have an adverse effect.
One of them is auto play video (the same argument as sound) and the second is to slow down the page.
Video with a length of 30-45 seconds is optimal and no more than 5 minutes.

3. Important Content Position

You can optimize your message by selecting the correct position in the page.
Better to use it below the fold and not on the top of the page.
Around 66% of the engagement occurs below the fold according to time.com
below the fold content

4. Bad Visual Design

Visual design is a significant point that many people miss.
I know that you’re probably trying to build the best looking landing page you can.
But many times the reality shows this is not the case.
It can be because of wrong colors and fonts selection, not very professional looking page, elements that not look the same, etc.
My advice is to use a plugin for creating a landing page, like Thrive Leads or hiring someone that can do that for you.
Fiverr is a good choice when it comes to these types of work.

5. Hard to read page

Sometimes you find pages that have so many things in them that cause you to ask- what the page is all about?
If people are not sure on what the page is about or get bored, they will simply leave.
Your message needs to be clear and to the point.
One of the most simple advice is to have a call for action at the end of every paragraph.
Breaking the page into smaller paragraphs, adding images can help with this.

6. Not having the right content

A landing page must be specific for what it meant to be, You can’t use cars landing page to sell stamps.
Your content must fit for the purpose of the page.
Visitors came to the page because they had some interest in it, this obliges you to be in focus as well.

step 2 Step 2: Select A Good List Building Plugin

To start capturing leads and to register new users for your page you must have a valuable list building plug-in.
Some of the best mailing list plugins are Thrive Leads , Bloom, Optin Monster ,and Sumo.
Personally, I like working with the first two and especially Thrive leads.
It’s easy to use with ready out of the box templates and you can build great looking pages by using it.
It also provide nice statics panel for unique impressions, conversions and conversion rate.

After Inspecting many landing pages, I came to the conclusion that is not enough to have a useful list building plugin.
There are other factors you need to consider.
One of the biggest mistakes I saw, is requesting too much information from the visitor.
Which sign up form you think is better, the right or the left?
which is the best landing form

FORM2 is much better for conversions, it captures less user information, but it can get more leads than FORM1.
It’s also better for mobile devices and follows the principle- keep it simple.
Users like short forms, it’s a fact and better not using more than 2-5 fields in your forms.
If you need to collect more data, use two stage boxes or gather it after you send the confirmation email.

Here is an example of one design out of the box taken from Thrive leads.
It’s simple and the visitor has to give only his email address.
You can do a lot with just email from someone who is your target audience.
opt in ready to use

If you need free photos for your landing page, you can go to Pexels.
Other sites where you can find free stock photography are:

You’ll also need to pick an email Marketing service for your Business.
It can be MailChimp, GetResponse,Drip Or any other service you like.

Checklist for landing page

Checklist for landing page
Use clean and bright fonts
Build a page that is easy to read with clear fonts and professional look.

Use the right colors and contrast
Picking the right colors can have psychological and encouraging effect on users

Write awesome headline
A killer headline will make visitors stay more and want to read your page

Highlight important things
Use bolds and colors to emphasize key and vital points

Use graphic elements
Add at least one picture or some other eye-catching elements

Check the page is mobile compatible
To see how it looks on mobile devices you can use site as mobile[mobiletest.me]

Show the pain and how to avoid it
Tell visitors what is the pain they deal and how you can solve this for them.
Easing the pain has a psychological effect on visitors.
For example: If you have some problem (pain) buy my software (the solution)

Add testimonials and reviews
Including testimonials and reviews from real people and will add to the page credibility

Use elements like counters
Counters counting down put some psychological pressure on the buyer and can make him act faster.

Have a powerful call to action
Every landing page should have at least one clear call to action, like button, email subscription, etc.

Test and refine your landing page
Use the plugin data or other tools to make A/B test and to find where are the strong and weak points of your page.
Change and tweak until you improve the conversion rate.

Write a compelling welcome email
We didn’t talk about this subject at all. But you can get inspiration from these 21 welcome emails

step 3 Step 3: Buy website Traffic To Get Visitors

After you made an optimized page and set a useful list building plug-in you need traffic.
Organic traffic is the best, but if not much is available – you can buy web traffic.
And please don’t buy bulk website traffic as it won’t help you much.
We already wrote a detailed guide on how to buy website traffic, here I want to talk about other aspects and
To show figures from the last year results to learn even more.

   Selecting the traffic you need

For most applications, targeted website traffic is what you need.
If you need to improve Alexa rank than Alexa traffic is for you.
Adult and gambling have their kind of traffic tailored explicitly for these niches.
Mobile and social traffic are the new stars, and it looks like people tend to use them more.

From the chart, one can see that targeted and social traffic are leading.
Gambling and adult traffic plays a small part from our sales.
traffic by percentage
The distribution for netotraffic services by percentage in 2017.

   Amount of Visitors

How many visitors do I need is often a question that buyers need to deal.
In a perfect world and exact search (niche), it would be one to one.
But this is not the case with web traffic.
You have to account for the differentiation in the search term vs. a broader niche, not an initiated search and your page optimization.
Even if all are in there best, it’s still hard to convert a visitor into customer (more on this later).
The truth is, it’s hard to come with a formula for a quantity because the factors can vary and affect the results significantly.
If we want to build such tool, it’ll need to account for many things.
A very rough estimation would be few thousands of visitors to make something happen on your page.
If your page is not super optimized, you’ll pay the price for that.

From the chart, most buyers are purchasing traffic volumes of 20k-40k visitors per campaign.
traffic by volume
The distribution for netotraffic traffic by volume (per campaign) in 2017.

   Campaign Time

Time frame can be crucial factor to have a successful campaign.
The reason for this lies in the fact that visitors traffic is somehow not expected.
There can be times when the success is low and others where it’s relatively high.
Giving enough time for the campaign to run can help with conversions.
That’s why I recommend to using the rule of thumb of no more than 2k visitors per day.
So, if you have 30k visitors keep it running for at least 15 days.

From the chart, most buyers prefer campaign times of more than ten days.
campaign time

The distribution for netotraffic campaign time (all types) in 2017.

   Campaign expectation

Now let’s coordinate the expectation.
Traffic coming from ads, expired domains or pop-ups can never be the same quality as organic traffic.
This traffic is not very focused and can have low or high success rates.
We saw very successful campaigns and people who got conversions with relatively low volumes and also the opposite.
You need to have a very optimized page and set reasonable goals to make it online.
A conversion matrix like the one that Dave McClure suggested is something you can use to track your progress.
conversion matrix
I would simplify the table status to:

  • Visit a landing page
  • Stays more than x seconds
  • Has x clicks
  • Has x page views
  • Sign-up
  • Open the registration email
  • Repeat Visit
  • Refer 1+ user who visits a site
  • Buy a product
  • Repeat buy

The update conversion matrix using paid website traffic will now look something like that:
update conversion matrix using paid website traffic

I filled the first and the last rows. As one can see, the cost per visitor is very low when you buy ad traffic but getting a repeat buy with such traffic is usually harder.
Filling the rest of the table depends on your page, goals, budget and more.

step 4 Step 4: Work On Your Site SEO To Get Organic Traffic

As a website owner, we encourage you to work on search engine optimization as well.
Here you can learn about gray hat SEO , but this is not what we suggest.
The benefits, in the long run, can be very rewarding for your site.

     The pros of SEO are:

    • Free Targeted Traffic
    • Higher conversion rates
    • You can become Authority in your niche
    • Can help in building a business
    • Can earn from traffic flow and clicks

   The cons of SEO are:

    • Takes time to see results
    • Can be a lot of effort
    • Cost is high
    • Risk of being penalized by search engines
    • No guarantee that it will keep working for you in the future
    • Need to maintain to keep it working

Website traffic coming from SEO is not a one day task, but eventually can help you.
Here is an essence of what you need to do:

Site architecture
Site architecture
Make navigation easy for users while enabling them to find quickly and easily what they need.

Page speed
check your site speed
Optimize your page speed for both mobile and desktop application. It can affect search engines and users as well.

Keyword Research
do a keywords reserach
Find long-tail keyword search terms that you can rank easily. These words
Can make all the difference between low traffic and high traffic volumes. If you have new website, focus only on
Words with low KD (keyword difficulty)

Internal links
Internal links in
Make inner links circle between all your pages and don’t forget to include your product pages.

Implement Schema Markup
Schema Markup

Rich snippets or schema markup allows highlighting specific pieces of information for in search engines like Google and Bing.

Meta tags
metatags for seo

Use meta tags correctly. The most important are Title, H1 tags and bold.

Lengthy content
Lengthy content
Make your content lengthy with at least 1500 words for each post.
It will naturally include more keywords that can get your traffic, improve your site credibility and can attract more
readers and links.
Getting backlinks for your site
build your links
One of the top search engines signals is links. Try to get relevant one from the industry you’re working.
The time and effort will pay off eventually.

Become active in social media
social media

Social media signals can help with advertising your site while having some impact on search engines.

Do a competitive analysis
do competitive analysis
Take one of your competitors and study them to learn from their success.
A focus on 1-2 pages each time can be better than trying to go wild and analyze the whole site.

Link Out
link out
Linking to relevant topically related content high DA website, shows some positive correlation to ranking in Google .
It can also you help to build relations with these sites.

Your campaign is something to think of and better before you start it.
Online marketing can look very promising, but meeting someone expectation is not easy.
Try to work on the elements that will make your page better and then go on.
This is it for this time.

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