Main Traffic Sources For A Website

The core traffic sources you should know

When we talk about traffic, there can be several sources types that your website can get traffic from.

• Direct traffic comes when someone types your URL into their browser, or come on a bookmark.
• Referral traffic comes on a link from another site.
• Search traffic comes from search engines.
• Campaign traffic comes from, well, campaigns. like: Google AdWords, email blasts, banner ads, Buying Visitors.

You can think of your web traffic as a one river with 4 four channels.
You want to have a balance between all these four channels so that flow is kept steady.
Let’s take a look at each of the four channels:

Direct traffic

These people know you, They typed your URL into their browser or bookmark you.
It is recommended that direct traffic should be in the size of 20 percent.

Referral traffic

Google is reporting Referral traffic, for visits that came to your website from sources other than its search engine.
Analytics will track click on a hyperlink that opens a new page on different website and will count this as a referral visit to the second site.
your referral traffic should be around 20-30 percent of your traffic.

Search traffic

Search engine traffic refers to the visitors who arrive at a website by clicking search results leading to that particular website.Search engine traffic is also known as organic search engine traffic.
It should be around 40-50 percent of your traffic.

Campaign traffic

With Campaign traffic you can improve your marketing efforts and user experiences.
campaign traffic offers you wonderful opportunities to measure the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts.
It should be around 10-20 percent of your traffic.

As you see, you should work to develope each of these channels.
Building you name and reputation is important and you should buy traffic of visitors to your website on a regular basis.This also true for a well based site that need a fresh new visitors that otherwise may not come so easily ,It can open new opportunities for you.