Using Website Traffic To Get More Leads

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Every one that has a website wants to get more traffic. But good and reliable traffic coming from search engines is not easy to get. Traffic and converting visitors into leads are common issues that every online business needs to face, no matter if it’s new or veteran. One question that is often asked -How can I increase my website traffic? I’ll try to suggest a plan on how to do that. This post contains unique information about what our…


Why You Need Content Marketing

How to Succeed With Content Marketing

The world of content marketing is slowly enveloping traditional marketing, although many consumers are unaware of the actual difference. In order for consumers to make rational purchases, it is essential that they know of the different marketing techniques that their suppliers are using, otherwise they may fall for an advertisement full of chicanery. Wasting money on a product that is not what the consumer needs or wants is never the ideal situation; therefore, you should educate yourself on the various…


How To Get More Conversions For Your Landing Pages

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If you are in charge of a brand, you handle content and social participation, you know that it is normal to start worrying when the website does not work and I mean not achieving the main goal: to generate conversions .You need to do an analysis to get to the factors that hurt your business. However, on many occasions, improving the amount of conversions and actions you trigger on users, is easier than you might think.Getting few conversions , or…


A Reference Guide For Digital Advertising And Web Traffic

Digital advertsing

This time I wrote more educational post about terms commonly used in digital advertising and web traffic. The motivation to write this mini guide came form netotraffic clients. Mikel asked me if I can write something that explains commonly used traffic terms and I said why not. It started more like FAQ about website traffic and transformed into this terms guide. This is not a full guide and was not indent to be such, it is more like a quick…


How To Use Web Blog Network For Link Building

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WBN and PBN Maybe You’re familiar with Private Blogs Network (PBN) and less familiar with Web Blog Network [WBN]. But, actually WBN is great component to have in your SEO plan. In our context, we call Web Blog to any web 2.0 site that enable writing and maintaining your own blog. Few popular sites are Tumblr, wordpress,blogger, weebly and livejournal. WBN advantages • Initial cost is minimal compared to PBN • Free hosting on public servers • No need to pay…


A Step By Step Guide For Buying Website Traffic

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Many times people who start a paid traffic campaign don’t fully understand how to do it right. It can turn into disappointment when things are not going in the way they imagine them to be. Successful traffic campaign is a combination of selecting the right traffic components with the right web page. Read this guide, before you buy website traffic or plan to buy website visitors. In this step by step guide, we’ll see how you can make it work…


A Guide To Gray Hat SEO


When talking about how to use SEO, people can be very creative on how to rank better in search engines. Sometimes the boundaries between white hat SEO, black or gray can be confusing. In this article, I wrote about few gray hat SEO techniques that will surely grab your attention. So. keep reading to find out what they are and how to use them. last update in Jan 2018. What is gray hat SEO? In the world of SEO we can find…


How To Use BSC Psychology Marketing To Triple Your Sales


There are so many thing that psychology marketing can teach us, in-fact many we don’t really aware of, but using every day. We’re using complementary colors for products in our home page (blue and orange) without even thinking why it’s good. BSC stands for Brain, Social and Color which are important parts of marketing psychology, even so it’s a huge subject, this article is enough to open you a door into this wonderful part of marketing. Using Brain Psychology The…


Meta Tags for SEO- A Complete Guide

meta tag seo

When talking about on page SEO, the phrase meta tag usually pop up. But, do all of the meta tags are important for search engines? Where you need to put most effort and time? What tools for meta tags one can use and what are the best SEO meta tags? Find out all this and more in this post and don’t forget to comment below. Look for the infographic inside! • What Are Meta Tags • Title Tag • Description Tag…


7 Link Building Strategies That Are Easy To Use

Easy Link Building I know that, not all link building methods are easy to follow and carry out. For some, you need to have some specialization and putting more efforts making it right. Therefore, in this post I picked few that are easy to follow and you can start with right now. Not all will bring you instance results, but they certainly worth to know ideas. One I favor more, is finding links opportunities using Scrapbox. Keep reading to find more. There…