Digital advertsing

A Reference Guide For Digital Advertising And Web Traffic

This time I wrote more educational post about terms commonly used in digital advertising and web traffic. The motivation to write this mini guide came form netotraffic clients. Mikel asked me if I can write something that explains commonly used traffic terms and I said why not. It started more like FAQ about website traffic and transformed into this terms guide. This is not a full guide and was not indent to be such, it is more like a quick…



How To Use BSC Psychology Marketing To Triple Your Sales

There are so many thing that psychology marketing can teach us, in-fact many we don’t really aware of, but using every day. We’re using complementary colors for products in our home page (blue and orange) without even thinking why it’s good. BSC stands for Brain, Social and Color which are important parts of marketing psychology, even so it’s a huge subject, this article is enough to open you a door into this wonderful part of marketing. Using Brain Psychology The…


Inbound marketing

18 Awesome Ideas For Content Promoting And More Traffic

In this post I gathered some cool ideas how to increase website traffic using Inbound marketing. While not trying to talk about everything, it covers few effective ones and with widespread distribution . This is my second article in the get more website traffic series. Don’t be Shay to comment below! Inbound marketing Inbound marketing is a name for all to marketing methods to draw prospects attention and bring visitors in, rather than old methods where marketers having to go…


Q&A questions and answers

Q&A About Marketing, Seo and Social Media

Digital Marketing Q&A The page is aimed to give a basic knowledge about terms related to marketing and search engines. If you’re starter ,the information will help you to navigate more easily in world of digital marketing. • Digital marketing • What is SEO? • White hat SEO, Black hat SEO and whats between • Search Engine • What is PPC ? • What is Link Building ? • I hear many time the words Link Juice, what it is?…


Marketing Statistics and Facts

The big facts sheet for the busy marketer: Marketing Statistics and more

There are times you may find your yourself writing or reading about something, while you’re not sure if this is a feeling or a true piece of evidence. On other times, you might want to backup some data you write or read about with a real statistics and numbers. Well, this sheet can help you do that. I sometimes call them facts, but Statistics is the more appropriate word. Statistics is the study of the collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation, and…