How to use re-seller account ?

To use a demo account, log in is from:
user: [email protected]
pass: free

***Please note: any action you make or buy on this site is real!
this is no demo account, but re-seller account, so pay attention to this.***

The steps to make new orders are:

1) Define a new client or use an existing one.
You have some client in https://www.resellerbackend.com/client_list.php
or you can add new ones from:

To define a new client you need to fill:
First Name,
Last Name,
Email Address,
Username(must be one that is not in the database)
and Password

2) Add a new traffic order
Traffic services–>add traffic orders

These are the mandatory fields (the reset are optional):
Select Inventory Type: Targeted traffic (in this case)
Url / Website Address
Total Amount To Send
Time Span
Select Targeting
Assign To Client

Optional, but good to set:
* Make Hourly
* Tracking Type: Google analytics

3) View your orders from:

How the client can see the order?
From https://www.mystatscenter.com/traffic/client_login.php
you can log with any of the clients you have in the database,
for example:
User: max789
Pass: ad456h79

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