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5 Popular Social Paid Services To Get Traffic Fast

You probably familiar with the situation you just wrote a great post or have awesome website, but not getting much visitors to your site. Yes, this situation is know to me too. therefore I decided to seek for new ways how to get more visitors and traffic. This is something that can be when you have a new website or your domain is not that strong struggling to get traffic. In this post I’ll present some known ,yet powerful ways…


resources and reading list

Resources and Reading list

Resources and Reading list By James Sun These are people and places I found in the network ,that I think has some added value, and I want to share with you. Link Building The Ultimate Guide To Link Building How to Build Back links, Authority, and Credibility for Your Website from the link master Erik Ward. I read the Book in the Kindle version- it’s a must if you’re serious about Link Building. Erik also offers a monthly service LinkMoses…


Content and Seo Cross each other

Common Search Engine Mistakes to Avoid

All website owners know that traffic is indeed one of the most important things out there, because this is how you can make sales, by having more customers. You can see traffic as being the location for any real estate property, so it matters a lot how you promote your site, what SEO tactics you use and so on, because all of these combined can lead to better or worse results in the end. Most of the time the website…


sales can be greater if you follow this

Tips On How To Increase Website Sales

One of the main reasons you create a website is to boost sales, and this is why you need to work hard in order to determine which features are bringing you the highest revenue so that you can optimize them the best way you can. This is the first step that you need to perform if you want to improve on the results offered by your website, but it can be difficult to figure out all you have to do…


What are the questions for every website

The Questions Every Website Business Should Ask

When planning your business website, there are few essential questions you should ask yourself. What is the goal of your site? How will your audience find you? How will the site convert your visitors into a paid customers? These are some burning questions that all website owners have to take into account, so you definitely need to keep them in mind. What is the goal of your site? This is surely one of the most important questions for any website…


what is A B Testing

Evaluate Your Traffic With A/B Testing

This time we are going to get familiar with powerful evaluation method for your website traffic, And how to get the maximum from your visitors. What is A/B Testing? A/B testing or split testing is comparing two versions of a web page to see which one performs better. You show two variations (A and B) of the web page to your visitors, and then select the one, which performs or converts the best. Despite calling it A/B testing, the experiment…


keep Your Visitors stay in your website

How To keep Your Visitors From Leaving In 10 Seconds ?

Let’s say you just bought a big volume of traffic for your website and you are excited to see these visitors arriving to you website, hopefully to get some sales. Than you notice most of them are leaving in 10 seconds or less. You may ask yourself, How can it be, what went wrong ? Here are few things to start your check. Pop-Ups If your site is showing pop-up especially on the moment the visitor landed on your page…