What Are Website Hits?

Sometimes people use the word hit in the context of website traffic.
It can refer to a few things, like: a click on a link (ad) that redirects visitor to a website ,a bot that generated a click, visitor from a search engine…
The difference between each hit is big.
In it’s simple way: a hit means a visit to a website,
And website hits actually means- website visitors, but this definition can be misleading sometimes.

Bots are AI or machine generated hits (software clicks) that are fake and not real hits.
This has no real value to a website because it will not make a real action on your website like buy, transfer money or real email registration.
Shortly, a waste of money and time.

Do you remember the days when web-masters used colorful page counters for counting traffic on a website ?
It looks outdated and funny these days and certainly not necessary any more.
We have a much better tracking systems for hits coming from Google ,WordPress ,url shortnes and  many other sources.

Purchase website hits- Yes or No ?

hits yes or no

Before purchasing a hit,  please seek for a real hit, one that comes from real human users.
Only this kind of visitors are expected to bring your marketing leads and conversions.
It’s not always possible to make sale or get leads, but real visitors are the only one who can bring you close to that target.
Few companies are been honest and do state that they provide you with a fake hits (bots) and this is fine.
It can also be measured with several hit counters , but the truth is I don’t see a real value for such hits.
Search engines can detect this and penalize your website and surely no lead will be made in such case.

We at Netotraffic however, provide only real website hits.
Hits that are human, from real people that see your Ad and decided to click on it.

Hits, views and shows

The process of causing some to click on a Banner is not as simple as it may sound.
It needs to be planned carefully by the advertiser and publisher.
For example, here is a glimpse  into our system that shows
The number of views we had to show an Ad  to users before they decided to hit it (click).
As you can see , some time you need more than x10 times views for a single hit, and these Ads are optimized!

purchase website hits

Metrics for counting website hits

There are few metrics we can talk about related to website hits.

  • Page views : the number of times a webpage loads on the browser.
    it shows the number of views for webpage over time. it’s a simple parament to calculate and use.
    it doesn’t account for different visitors.
  • Page visits: how many visitors (real people, browser, ip devices…) viewed your website page over time.
  • Unique visitor:  how many unique different visitors views a page.
  • Session : the time frame from the moment a visitor came to your site and until he leaves or the session ends (30 minutes on average).
    in this session time, the visitor can spent time on one or more pages.

This is only a partial list of course, but it gives the idea on how hits can be further analyzed for marketing purposes.

How to optimize Ads for getting more hits

Tips for making your Ad and campaign successful and generating website hits.

  • Pay attention to the title. it should be appealing and short while delivering your message
  • Write a describable summary for your landing page. what is the problem and solution you offer
  • Add a picture that can attract users to hit it
  • Build a landing page that matches your product /advertisement
  • Add a clear call to action in the Ad
  • Find the correct category / vertical that best match your product
  • Run A/B test so that your campaign will be successful
  • Use Analytics tool to find potential improvements and new opportunities
  • Exploit banner advertising systems to find new niches and ideas of other marketers
  • See that your click-through rates (CTR) , ad campaign’s cost-per-click (CPC) and  cost-per-acquisition (CPA) are met.

Website hits service

Generating traffic for hits may not be simple as it seem for a non profession advertiser (ad creator) or company.
When you Purchase website hits from us, we take care for all the campaign details to fill the hits count .
You only need to choose your preferences in the order form.
It is also important to emphasize that we don’t guarantee any sale, action or revenue from our service.

purchase website hits

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