What is Organic Traffic
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Organic traffic coming from search engines is the best web visitors source compared to paid non-organic traffic.
These are natural users who find you thru unpaid search engine results.
For example, by searching specific keywords in Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search platform.

As organic it has a high value both in money (CPC) and user intention because it provides the best match for what a user seeks.
Let me explain this briefly, if user want getting an insurance policy he will get the best results of firms in his nearest location and according to the
search parameters. most likely he will not get a health services related to the search because they are less relevant.

So, organic traffic tries to solve users problems (questions) in the closest way by proving correct and closest information to the query.
But it’s not that simple to get such, you need link building, SEO and a lot of time and money.
The simple truth is you can’t buy organic web traffic because then it’ll cease from been organic.

How get more organic traffic

There are serval ways, some include search engine optimization (SEO) and some from social media channels.
For SEO you’ll need On-page optimizations (title, meta tags, keywords, content, etc. ) for Off-page optimizations
this will be by mainly adding backlinks from other websites.
The path is costly at least hundreds to thousands of dollar per month to get a result and you need to be consistent with this approach.

Before considering to buy targeted organic traffic ,let’s see if there are other good alternatives to that.
We like better the social streams where you can get traffic to affiliate links and pages almost free.
Here are few websites that you can get free organic visitors from:

Website nameWhat is special about it
TumblrMicroblogging social media platform , bring people of similar interests together.
RedditSocial news aggregation, content rating, and forum social network.  content is  voted up or down by other members.
PintrestImage sharing service that enable saving or discovery of images, video, gifs, infographics and more.
YoutubeThe largest online social video sharing platform by google.
FacebookThe famous social media network , no need to say more.
Instagramsocial photos and videos sharing platform . uses filters, geographical tagging, trending content.
LinkedInProfessional business and employment-focused network. job posting, organizations, professional posts.
X (formerly  Twitter)Share tweets, post text messages, images, and videos. 280 characters (was 140), re-shares, fast,  among the largest social networks.
TelegramMessaging platform as WhatsApp. rich with features, uncensored, secured, bots and open API, chats, mini apps.
AcademiaOpen repository of academic articles free to read by visitors. only to registered users.
imgurimage sharing and hosing service.  focus on social gossip and fun. popular images gallery.
warrior forumOne of  biggest forums on Digital Marketing Forum.
affliftanother popular forum for Affiliate Marketing.
Flipboarda news aggregator and social network aggregation company, bookmarks, shares folders.

Getting closer to Organic

We know that, and all of us website owners had to pass these stages to build a successful site.
Until you’ll be there, we can help with the most closeted thing to buying organic traffic.
What we can offer is genuine real traffic not coming from search engines, but still cheap and effective website traffic.

Where to buy Organic Website Traffic

Our native ads traffic is maybe the optimal solution between search engine traffic and PPC.
How does it work?
We have a few thousands of website partners from all around US and worldwide that joined our network to establish a real powerful network of users.
We place link ads on these websites inside posts with specific keywords that are related to your website.
When a user clicks on the link, he is landing on your web page!
The web surfers make their choice totally by interest and this is different from pop-up traffic that can be very pushy and invasive.

What about the cost?
With native ads you get cheap prices compared to PPC or other methods and yet much
more quality traffic and more targeted visitors.
The ads traffic can serve you well until organic traffic become available.


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