Buy cheap website traffic

Buy cheap website traffic

We’ll try to classify what is cheap traffic, what types exist, look into potential sources and how to get it.

Traffic products in a brief

When we talk about traffic there are several kinds of products and all has a different price.
For example, native ads is more costly traffic because it is considered more quality compared to pop-up traffic.
Pop up traffic is a window that appears (pop) in front of users and this can be very annoying, the better alternative is pop under window.
In pop under, the window shows beneath the original web page where the user surfs , and this is better of course.

There is also Ad banner, in page notifications , push notifications  ,social traffic and many more kinds of traffic products.
Social traffic is with high demands these days and therefore costs more, all is a market of supply and demand.
Distinguishing between different types and learning more about traffic can be found in our traffic guide.

Is cheap always better ?

Buy cheap website traffic

Even so cheap usually means for less cost to both sides, you need to consider what you get.
If the website traffic comes with high bounce rate, low conversions or very low number of visitors for
what you need- it’s value to your business is low.
And as website owner you actually runs a business , no matter if you sell things, having a blog or just post for the fun.
Measuring the traffic value is target depended, what do you want getting from this traffic?

To make the things more clear, let’s show a case here.
Imagine that you have a website with blog about traveling.
Your goal is to get likes and shares, this is your target and the more it’ll be, the best.

Setting the goal to 10 visitors per week or 100 visitors per week are two deferent goals.
Assume you want to start with 10 website visitors per week that either share or like your posts.
If the traffic you get can only bring you 3 visitors per week, you don’t met the goal’s target.
The traffic value to you in this case is low, you need to rise your budget to get more visitors or to set a  new goal.
More website visitors are not cheap by now, because your budget was set accordingly and only 3 was the reached value.

Therefore it’s cheap traffic, but it comes at the cost of less visitors- not what your goal was!
Next we’ll see how to better compare and measure this.

Comparing different traffic types

The goal was to Buy cheap website traffic, but how can you compare objectively between two or more sources of traffic ?
There is no complex formula here, you need to divide the budget in the number of visitors and multiply by the number of leads.
The table shows few examples with different setting for each but the same budget.

CaseBudgetNumber of visitorsCPMLeadsTraffic value

In case 1, the source provides you with 1,000 visitors at CPM (cost per thousand) of 0.1$.
You also get 5 leads from this traffic source with a value of 0.5.

In case 2, the source provides you with only 500 visitors with a higher CPM of 0.2$.
Is this cheaper traffic ?  the CPM says no, but the leads are higher with traffic value of 1.4
So, this website traffic you buy is not only cheaper , but better!

In case 3, the source provides you with only 300 visitors with a higher CPM of 0.33$ compared to (1).
The leads in this case are only 3 and the value of traffic is 1.
This traffic is less good than case (2) but still considered better than case (1) – why is that ?
Because if you increase the number of visitors to 1,000 you’ll get ~10 leads compared to only 5 leads from the traffic in (1).
It cost higher, but also a better traffic for what you need.

How to get cheap traffic

We offer a verity of web traffic products in cheap prices compared to the industry and other marketers.
Just a single campaign in Facebook for 150 clicks can cost in average 100-150$!
We sell 1k social Facebook visitors at ~15$, almost a 90% discount on the same traffic!
This also includes the setting and our work, a very cheap price overall for the same product.


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